What is the NRA?

The National Risk Assessment (NRA) is an assessment of the country’s exposure to prevailing crimes (domestic and foreign) and vulnerabilities of various sectors to money laundering and terrorism financing risks. It is an initiative undertaken under the ambit of the National Coordination Committee to Counter Money Laundering (NCC).

The assessment is based on sources such as statistics and reports from various agencies, surveys conducted among law enforcement agencies and reporting institutions and credible external report. The findings are validated by the NCC.

Results of the NRA will be communicated to the reporting institutions, supervisors, regulators and law enforcement agencies to assist in prioritising the deployment of resources to tackle high-impact risks in a more effective and targeted manner.

The initiative would assist Malaysia in:

  1. applying the appropriate national AML/CFT strategy and policy response proportionate to the identified risks;
  2. focusing on real and identified threats; and
  3. prioritising the resources towards areas with highest impact.

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