AML/CFT Policies Issued by Bank Negara Malaysia

Reporting obligations of the reporting institutions and common red flags for each sector are provided in the following policies:

Reporting Obligations on Countering Proliferation Financing

  • Circular on Application of United Nations Security Council Resolutions in Relation to WMD
  1. Circular dated 14 July 2016
  1. MITI Circular dated 12 April 2018
  2. BNM Circular dated 18 April 2018

Circular, Guidance and Technical Note

  1. Appendix I - Form for reporting on determination
  2. Appendix II - Periodic reporting
  1. Technical Notes - Family Members & Close Associates of a PEP_June 2017
  2. Technical Notes - Risk-based Approach on AML/CFT for Reporting Institutions Supervised by Bank Negara Malaysia
  • AML/CFT Guide for DNFBPs and Other Non-Bank Financial Institutions
  1. AML/CFT Guide for DNFBP (English)
  2. Panduan AML/CFT untuk DNFBP (Bahasa Malaysia)
  3. AML/CFT Guide for DNFBP (Mandarin)
  4. AML/CFT Guide for DNFBP (Tamil)
  • Circular on AML/CFT Supervisory Approach for DNFBPs
  1. Circular dated 22 February 2019(New)

Guidelines on AML/CFT Issued by Other Supervisory Authorities

Other supervisory authorities issued AML/CFT guidelines on their respective regulatees. The guidelines could be found at: